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I am getting no APs or clients shown. Typically, it should be located in C: To access your files later when running aircrack-ng, either change to the directory where the files are located or prefix the file name with the full path. Email Required, but never shown. If the PWR is -1 for a limited number of stations then this is for a packet which came from the AP to the client but the client transmissions are out of range for your card. Receive Quality as measured by the percentage of packets management and data frames successfully received over the last 10 seconds.

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You cannot send in case you are sending and listen at the same time, so every time you send something you can’t hear the packets being transmitted in that interval.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You run another instance of airodump-ng in scanning mode or set to another channel.

In most cases, these bluescreen failures cannot be resolved since these drivers are closed source. To determine the number of packets lost, there is a sequence field on every non-control frame, so you can subtract the second last sequence number from the last sequence number and you know how many packets you have lost.


The authentication protocol used. Filter unassociated clients By default, airodump-ng hop on 2. The number of data packets lost over the last 10 seconds based on the sequence number. Email Required, but never shown.

It can be done with airmon-ng: Plus the correct Wildpackets driver. RXQ Receive Quality as measured by the percentage of packets management and data frames successfully received over the last 10 seconds. In this unassociated state, it is searching for an AP oeek connect with.

Another potential cause is the PC going to sleep due to power saving options.


Save only captured IVs –gpsd: If the special driver is installed but it still isn’t detected, try another version of the driver older or newer. De- Activate realtime sorting – applies sorting alrodump everytime the display will be redrawn.

Wait for a wireless client to associate with the AP. Ensure you are using the correct drivers for your particular wireless card. The madwifi-ng driver for the atheros chipset contains a bug in releases up to r which causes airodump-ng in channel hopping mode to aiordump capturing data after a few minutes.


Obtain the file from http: The following list describes the currently assigned keys and supposed actions. Make sure there are no other VAPs running.

WEP Cracking with Aircrack

See note below for pfek more detailed explanation. Each access point sends about ten beacons per second at the lowest rate 1Mso they can usually be picked up from very far.

Table of Contents Airodump-ng. To output the files to a specific directly, add the full path to the file prefix name.

Number of announcements packets sent by the AP. In order to stop it, see the following entry.

Show 99 – I Always use a VPN – Thomas d’Otreppe – Aircrack-NG – OpenWIPS-NG

Airodump-ng freezes when I change injecting rate. APs with a single packet are not displayed. Since revision r, airodump-ng can receive and interpret key strokes while running. Before running airodump-ng, you may start the airmon-ng script to list airodujp detected wireless interfaces.

Please check this against your installation diskette. The CSV file contains the details of all access points and clients seen.