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I hope, that ATI rather fast will cope 5t with this task. It seems to me that the corporation ATI develops this form of the fan because we can’t meet such coolers on any videocards. The installation of driver’s occured in a traditional way from ATI – through setup. The traditional utility PowerStrip in the last version 2. It is difficult for me to say if it depends on the chip or on defect of drivers. Now that is what I call, innovation! It looks like a complete retail product but the drivers shipped to us looked like Alpha drivers.

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It is able to output high quality TV signals from graphics display modes ranging from x to x with full support for legacy VGA modes as well as the newer, low-resolution game modes required by Microsoft DirectX. Now that is what I call, innovation! Nevertheless, it is curious to find out in what resolution RADEON faces the problem of shortage capacity video memory, and where HyperZ can help very much.

I want to show once again: Overclocked up to MHz the videocard works steadily.

However I consider that this fact at all does not justify unwillingness of the manufacturers of games to make their production planned using the set of 3D-accelerators of different types and possibilities.

I hope, that ATI rather fast will cope 5t with this task. These are demo that aim is to show features of this or that chip and they at all are not obliged to take into account possibilities of the competitors.

PCB has traditional for ATI green color and the units responsible for regulation of power 64jb are also placed on card. Represented on the site SharkyExtreme “keys” for depositing in the register on handle HyperZ simply do not work.


As is known at usage of the technology MIP-mapping that is at sharing of the scene on levels with different detailing the quality of filtering smoothing boundary between mip-levels becomes very important.

Well, you will not encounter that problem with the Radeon. The informal specifications of new GPU with a code name RAGE6 and information about the card on its base in the beginning of March gave the basis to believe, that the corporation at last realized the importance of writing drivers steadily operating and permitting to the new chip to realize the potential. Radeon on an Overclocked CPU. We do not need it any more because we simply do not see it. I want to mark, that with anti-aliasing the requirements to capacity of memory are increasing and so such results are not surprising.

S3TC was unnecessary and almost forgotten when at last S3 has found time to license the technology in Direct3D and to receive Vvio, and also to sell the license to contestant firms: All customizations and possibilities of these functions have not undergone any changes from that time. It will have a serious and even stronger contender.

Generally ATI carefully hides what this technology is. The manufacturers of games should be more active, inventive, creative and provide a great variety of games for every taste. Spring and summer of the year were vdr less active for the market of 3D graphics accelerators, than in Among its features there is also support anisotropy.

One more unexpected result is relative weakness of the geometrical coprocessor for RADEON though we were promised just opposite.

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There were no gap with installation; in result we have received access to the following customizations:. For overlay of natural shadows discarded by objects of the scene depending on remoteness from each light source, in RADEON the support special Priority Buffer priority buffer is realized.


The textures on the correctly transformed geometry will be stretched correctly. The Radeon runs really cool! The hardware support Triangle Setup, i.

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The structure ATI Multimedia Center contains a DVD-player, however I could not force it to include the hardware support of a videocard, probably defect of the software included 64b the set has an effect.

RADEON draws polygon first rdr a aggp way, then in tile agl if tile completely closes by itself polygon, it is discarded and eliminated from further processing. However, when I checked the properties section of the card, it was listed as running at AGP 4x. The card we received was an evaluation unit and we did not get to see the original package that came with the entire product. Oh yes, the good old Mach made a name for itself just like its Diamond and Matrox counterparts.

Especially it is necessary to mark support relief texturing EMBMwhich while is supported only by chips of a series G from Matrox, but is used in several tens games.

The three-dimensional textures simplify usage of deformable geometry; for example, it is possible to cut off a part of the object without necessity of upgrade of texture.