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You can find the manual for the scanner which applies to Windows and Mac versions of the software, but which might still be useful to you on Epson’s website. For reference, here are the tools used to find relevant information when debugging, you probably will not need this command to install: This particular bug has already been reported and is a duplicate of bug , so it is being marked as such. Add tags Tag help. This will help others. That tells wget to do a recursive get without ever going to a directory that comes BEFORE the directory you’re downloading, which keeps you from trying to download Epson’s entire website. However when I come to edit libsane-extras-rules, this doesn’t exist on my system.

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You cannot simply use the traditional sane-epkowa backend, which is provided under Ubuntu by the libsane-extras package, to support this scanner.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Please continue to report any other bugs you may find. Sometimes it takes a couple of power cycles on the scanner before scanimage finds the hardware.


HOW-TO Epson Perfection Scanner –

Reboot Run sane-find-scanner, you should see a line for your scanner. You can also see here: What has changed since? I’m guessing what I have here is more a USB issue than a scanner issue. It works like so: Originally Posted by reidi. You can try this: See full activity log. Ubutnu Date Mar Beans 1.

Everything i did fallowing the instructions was done completely and i got now issues. Install libsane-extras and the other packages in the original howto original packages necessary???

Neither xsane or iscan recognises my scanner, although it is reported correctly when I run sane-find-scanner. Back in the 64bit system … I also create this script to detect and adjust petfection permissions of and start xsane ubunti the 64bit system but if your permissions are in place you do not need It also works without rebooting.

Here’s the command to download the manual with wget: If not and you have an extra licensed copy lerfection xp or other windows laying around, you might be able to set up a virtual pc and run it through that.

Linux Scanner Driver Download

Sign up using Facebook. Allen Knight on How do I control my Raspberry…. Menu Skip to content. I made a copy of the libsane.


But I think this scanner might be a problem.

Linux Scanner Driver Download | Epson

Join Date Jan Beans 1. I get a blank screen and nothing changed after nearly an hour.

Draycen DeCator ddecator wrote on You may get one or two non-fatal warnings as the deb packages are built and intalled – don’t worry. I did the howto, got stuck with the blank udev file, and worked backwords a bit.

In addition, the install for this scanner dpson with the traditional sane-epkowa backendso you may not install the scanner driver and the libsane-extras package at the same time. No such file or directory” I installed libjpeg62 and hey presto xsane burst into life! Does it take hours Join Date Jan Beans With all that said, this is the current procedure for setting up this scanner on Linux.